At Payless Cleaner we are committed to providing you with the best cleaning services for apparel and home, with highest levels of customer satisfaction. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.



669 Westwood Ave. #E
River Vale, NJ 07675
Phone: 201-664-2844

Business Hours:

Week Days: 9 am - 6 pm
Saturday: 9 am - 5 pm
Sunday: Closed

We're Proud To Offer You Our Best Services:

  • Free Pick Up and Delivery
  • Special Rug Cleaning
  • Man’s Shirts Laundered
  • Comforters ,Blankets, Curtains and Tablecloths
  • Professional Tailoring
  • Wedding Gown Preservation
  • All Leather and Suede Goods
  • All UGG Products

Our Low Prices Will Guarantee Your Satisfaction!

All Clothing: $6.25

2 pcs Suite: $12.50

Dresses: $13.50 & up

Coats: $14.50 & up

Men's Shirts Laundered: $2.60

We offer competitive prices in cleaning Curtains, Blankets, Comforters and Tablecloths